Weekly Pool Service For Homeowners

Year round service and maintenance to ensure the customer always has a beautiful and pristine pool.

Includes The Following:

  • Balancing water chemistry year round to prevent unwanted metal stains and calcium deposits.
  • Making sure the pool is always crystal clean blue.
  • Removing leaves and foreign debris from skimmers pump baskets and the bottom of pool.
  • Year round Equipment Maintenance and Repair (filter cleans, salt cell cleans, repairing pumps/motors and polaris).

Pool Startups

Chemical balancing for curing plaster correctly the first time.

Includes The Following:

  • Balancing ph and total alkalinity in order to prevent plaster from scaling and showing calcium deposits.
  • Brushing 3-5 times a week to allow the plaster to have a nice smooth finish and to allow plaster particles and debris to be filtered through the equipment.
  • Checking to ensure that the equipment is running for at least 48 hours after the pool has been filled.
  • Checking and unplugging skimmers.
  • Checking to ensure that equipment is functional and that no repairs are necessary during startup period.
  • Pool schooling to ensure that homeowner is aware of how equipment and system works. (programming Jandy, Pentair, and Hayward systems to run at certain times at the customers request and basic information on how to test water chemistry and balance their water)
  • Add salt/chlorine after plaster curing is over.
  • Add polaris (if applicable) and balance all remaining chemicals after curing period is over.
  • Clean filter after startup period to remove construction debris.

Permitting Services

Includes The Following:

  • Compiling all necessary documents preemptively before a formal submit.
  • Including printing out to scale plans and filling out application with building cover and impervious cover.
  • Coordinating and physically getting stamps from austin energy and austin water approving the scope of work.
  • Checking plans and consulting with builder/designer about standard building codes if needed
    (setbacks, easements, neighborhood planning, elevations, mcmansion, historic, tree review)
  • Coordinating with senior reviewers with any questions or concerns regarding the project at hand.
  • Formally submitting all necessary documentation for project and process city review fee.
  • Consult with builder/designer on any review comments and corrections from the master comment report.
  • Picking up and processing payments for approved site plans and building permit.
  • Delivering approved site plans and building permit along with all receipts from the city of Austin.